Starter kit now also available in Japanese

Starter kit now also available in Japanese

The Repair Café Foundation has added a new product to her webshop: the Repair Café starter kit is now available in Japanese too!

The Japanese Repair Café manual and additional materials should stimulate volunteers in Japan to start Repair Cafés in their community as well. “Until now people in Japan had to help themselves with the English starter kit”, says Martine Postma, director of the Repair Café Foundation in Amsterdam. “Given the enthusiasm in Japan we thought it was a good idea to provide the materials in this country’s language too.”

The Repair Café Foundation hopes to welcome more repair enthusiasts in Japan soon!

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  • Catharine Nagashima

    Interesting that there is now a Japanese starter kit. At Repair Café Zushi (probably the first one to be registered in Japan), we have been making our own by adding Japanese to the English version, using the same colour scheme. So far we mainly mend clothes, repair umbrellas and sharpen knives, once in a while there is someone to repair toys and electrical appliances, and last week we repaired broken china, initiated by Repair Cafe Zushi but actually held under the Zero Waste Zushi umbrella. Catharine Nagashima, one of the representatives of Repair Cafe Zushi, originally registered in the name of the late Machiko Matsumoto.

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