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Good news for Repair Cafés in the UK! We have recently established a partnership with Export and General Insurance Services (E&G). This local broker specialises in community insurance. E&G is offering a tailor-made insurance policy for UK Repair Cafés starting today.

Better future for all

“We are a small broker with the community at our heart”, says Helen Sergeant, Managing Director of E&G. “We understand that Men’s Sheds, hackspaces and Repair Cafés not only reduce loneliness and isolation but also work towards a better future for all.”

Helen worked in a Men’s Shed for several years herself and is passionate about the benefits groups like these provide. “That’s why I want to ensure that Export and General Insurance Services provides the best support possible.”

Understanding the risks of community repair

E&G have been offering Historical Association and Men’s Shed policies since 2014. “We initially became involved in the charity sector following interest from Historical Associations”, says Helen. “From there we were introduced to the founder of the UK Men’s Shed Association. We engaged in detailed discussions on how we could assist this sector and help with understanding the risks.”

Helen explains that E&G’s interest in community groups has grown since 2014. “Noting the emergence of Repair Cafes over the last few years, and their commitment to sustainability and reusability, we now extend our comprehensive cover to include these.”

Bring repair back to the community

Martine Postma, director of Repair Café International Foundation, is happy with the new partnership. “For the growth of the Repair Café network it is very important that these volunteer groups need not worry about safety and liability issues. We hope that the E&G Repair Café policy will encourage many more local groups to start their own Repair Café and bring repair back to their community.”

More information

Repair Cafés in the UK can turn to E&G for more information and to get a quote.

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