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Henkel Adhesive Manufacturer, internationally known for the adhesive tape brand Pattex, supports us because one of the core objectives of the Adhesive division of this international company is to facilitate simple but effective repairs. Support for the Repair Café is therefore consistent with Henkel’s own sustainability goals.

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MAIF is the leading insurer in the associative sector and in public educational, cultural and research institutions in France. MAIF supports the social economy, and is heavily involved in the circular economy. In this context, MAIF supports mutual help networks, like Repair Cafés, which encourage visitors to repair things by fostering knowledge sharing and learning through trial and error.

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Electronics webshop Conrad supports the Repair Café Foundation because Conrad believes that it is possible to waste far fewer products. It’s thanks to the commitment and expertise of volunteers that Repair Cafés show that technology and environmental awareness can go hand in hand. And, according to Conrad, the fact that technological knowledge is conveyed to a younger generation is an added bonus!

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ReplaceDirect wants to prevent phones, tablets and laptops ending up in the trash. That is why this store helps repairers of Repair Café International to give devices a longer life with the help of the right parts, technical knowledge and repair training. That is how Repair Café International and ReplaceDirect work together towards a sustainable society, and we can put an end to the disposable economy.

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iFixit is a free, publicly editable online repair manual with a mission to empower people to fix their stuff and save money while keeping electronics out of landfills. What connects the Repair Café movement and our organization is the sharing of repair skills: Both projects create spaces where people from different backgrounds can gather, learn and have fun fixing things.

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eSpares and Repair Café share the same ethos: repair don’t replace! eSpares’ range of over one million spare parts from over 500 brands lets people easily fix up their home and garden appliances themselves, saving countless machines from the landfill. With hundreds of articles, how-to guides, tips and videos, eSpares is a valuable resource to help keen Repair Café visitors fix their household appliances and take care of them in the future.

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Wecycle is the foundation in the Netherlands that organises the collection and recycling of discarded electrical appliances and energy-saving light bulbs in a responsible manner. Devices that cannot be repaired do not belong in the trash but must be handed in for recycling. Wecycle supports Repair Café International by actively bringing this to the attention of the visitors of Repair Cafes in the Netherlands.

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The ANWB (Royal Dutch Touring Club) believes in good and safe mobility and since its initiation in 1883, it has been strongly committed to protecting the interests of cyclists. Together with the Repair Café International Foundation, the club wants to show that it is fun and easy to repair your bicycle and keep it in good condition. Therefore, the ANWB Light Brigade supports Repair Cafés based in the Netherlands with a toolkit full of tools and materials to repair bicycle lights.

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Specialising in appliance replacement parts, Partshub offers a huge range of spare parts for household appliances, kitchen devices and garden maintainance. Partshub firmly believes in repairing rather than buying new machines, and therefore supports the Repair Café Foundation. This is also why Partshub offers many online repair instructions and instructional videos showing you that fixing your device is often easier than people think!

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Distrelec is a B2B high service distributor of electronics, automation, components, tools and consumables. This Swiss company aims to bring a different level of service and commitment to professionals working with maintenance, design and technology. Distrelec is a partner of the Repair Café International Foundation because it wants to support solution seekers of the world.

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VAUDE offers functional products for mountain sports and cycling. As a sustainable, innovative outdoor outfitter, VAUDE takes its responsibility for people and nature very seriously. Placing a strong value on high quality, repairable products right from the start during the product design and development phase is in an integral part of our holistic company philosophy. By collaborating with the Repair Café International Foundation, VAUDE would like to send a clear message against society’s throw-away mentality. We want to motivate people to use their products as long as possible and to repair defective products rather than throw them away prematurely

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The webshops, and are operated by one of the biggest Scandinavian wholesalers of spare parts and accessories for white good appliances, small appliances and vacuum cleaners. With more than 80 repair videos and personal advice, we help many people extend the life of their electrical products. Quickparts supports the Repair Café International Foundation for contributing to the reduction of the negative environmental impact which comes from unnecessary early replacement of appliances, rather than their ongoing repair.