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The lamp is a product which can be found in all households. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is one of the most frequently registered products in the RepairMonitor, the international tool for data collection at community repair events.


Lamps popular in the RepairMonitor

By April 2020, the lamp was in the top 5 of most popular products registered in the RepairMonitor (see diagram).

Top 5 of all registered products in RepairMonitor worldwide (Date: April 2020)

In Repair Café Rodenberg in Germany, lamps are even the most popular product. Martin Weigelt, co-founder and organizer of this Repair Café, is not surprised about that. “Lamps are very often brought to the Repair Café because they are on average very long-living products and the defects are often age-related”, he says.


Good news for your broken lamp

Is your lamp broken? Then there’s a good chance that it can be fixed at a Repair Café. In almost 70% of all registered cases a lamp was successfully repaired.

Apart from that, in 40% of all lamp repairs in the RepairMonitor the repairers rated the repairability of the product as 8 or higher (on a 1 to 10 scale). This indicates that lamps are generally easy to fix.

Success rate of all registered lamp repairs in RepairMonitor worldwide (Date: April 2020)

The RepairMonitor shows the following top 5 common causes of lamp failures:

  1. Fuse/electronics defective
  2. Switch defective
  3. Contacts dirty/ no more contact with the bulb
  4. Interruption in the power circuit
  5. Batteries worn out/ defective

Tips for consumers and repairers

Martin Weigelt of Repair Café Rodenberg recognises these problems. He distinguishes three main sources of errors/ error locations : 1) Plug/contact to the cable 2) Switch 3) Internal contact to the bulb. Therefore, he recommends other repairers to always take a look at these three errors.

However, when it comes to electronics repairs by laypersons, Martin is strongly against self-repairs of defective lamps. “Repairing lamps requires knowledge of technical safety rules, special tools as well as a lot of practice. For non-experts at home, it can be very dangerous”, he says. “You could get an electric shock or cause a short circuit to happen.” Therefore, his advice is to come to your nearest Repair Café in case you have a defective lamp.

Top five solutions for lamp problems

These are the 5 most frequently mentioned solutions for lamp problems in the RepairMonitor:

  1. Replace switch
  2. Wiring replacement/ wire breakage fixed
  3. Contacts cleaned/Connection repaired
  4. Dimmer re-connected/ New dimmer installed
  5. Battery/Adapter replacement

As can be seen, these solutions are all connected to the three frequent errors of lamps that Martin mentioned. The most common solution is the replacement of the switch.

 Come to the Repair Café!

Do you need help repairing a defective lamp? Find a Repair Café near you! See you soon!

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