Let’s make repairs together during the second International Repair Café Week. This week of repairs runs from 14 to 22 October. Join us this week and organise a(n) (extra special) Repair Café!

With a Repair Café you will help reduce the waste heap and preserve and spread the knowledge about repairing. In a fun way you will bring the people in your community together. You will also join the battle for better repairable things.

Eight years Repair Café
On Wednesday 18 October it was eight years ago that Martine Postma organised the very first Repair Café. On this day in 2009, dozens of residents brought their broken items to a theatre in Amsterdam-West. Now there are over 1,300 Repair Cafés in 33 countries, spread across six continents. But there is plenty of room to grow! During the International Repair Café week we want to make even more people enthusiastic about making repairs together. You can help by showing your own community how much fun and useful a Repair Café truly is.

Extra publicity
Are you going to organise a meeting during the International Repair Café week? Use the customizable press release. This could drum up more (media) attention for your Repair Café.

Special poster
Also, we have designed a special poster that you can put up to show you’re joining in. You can download this adaptable document, as well as the guide how to use it.