From 14 to 22 October the International Repair Café Week will be held. All over the world volunteers will be organising meetings during this week that involve making repairs together. Join us and repair your precious broken items at the Repair Café!

On Wednesday 18 October it was eight years ago that Martine Postma organised the very first Repair Café. On this day in 2009, dozens of residents brought their broken items to a theatre in Amsterdam. Now there are 1,300 Repair Cafés in 33 countries, spread across six continents. During the International Repair Café Week (IRCW) we want to make even more people enthusiastic about making repairs together.

Repair your broken items
In the Repair Café (precious) broken items are given a second life. Visitors learn that it is possible to make repairs and that it is not even as difficult as they thought. But above all, they learn that repairing is fun.

Curious? Visit a Repair Café in your neighbourhood during the IRCW. Or start one yourself and register this Repair Café for the special week! The Repair Café International Foundation is more than happy to help you get started.