Repair Café Foundation’s activities are financially supported by, among others:

Stichting DOEN

Stichting-Doen-smDOEN Foundation is the charity foundation of the Dutch Postcode Lottery. DOEN Foundation supports us with an institutional grant from the New Meeting Places programme. This programme supports initiatives that positively contribute to the quality of life and mutual involvement in neighbourhoods.


vsbfonds-smThis Dutch foundation supports projects that contribute to a society in which people actively participate, where they feel involved and where they have a chance to develop. The foundation wants people to meet, inspire one another, and be aware of themselves as well as their surroundings. VSBfonds is active in the areas of Individuals & Society and Arts & Culture.



Henkel-Logo-smHenkel Adhesive Manufacturer, internationally known for the adhesive tape brand Pattex, supports us because one of the core objectives of the Adhesive division of this international company is to facilitate simple but effective repairs. Support for the Repair Café is therefore consistent with Henkel’s own sustainability goals.


KICI-smKICI is a clothing collecting charity in the Netherlands that supports us by occasionally giving a donation. KICI is engaged with the clothing repairs made at the Repair Café. By repairing clothes, it can be achieved that the influx of textile collected, for example, in the KICI containers, is of a higher quality. This, in turn, means that the clothes can be reused more often.


wecycle-smIn the Netherlands, Wecycle is the foundation responsible for organising the collection and recycling of discarded electrical appliances and energy-saving lamps. Devices that can no longer be repaired, do not belong in the trash but must be handed in for recycling. Wecycle supports us to actively bring this to the attention of the visitors of Repair Cafés in the Netherlands.