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Chailey Repair Cafe (UK) comes up with an innovation, to continue repairing in corona time. Be inspired by the article below, which we received from Bryan McAlley, founder and coordinator of Chailey Repair Cafe.

A ‘drop off’ service during lockdown

Although we have had to close our physical Repair Cafe this spring, Chailey Repair Cafe‘s talented volunteers have been hard at work offering repair advice online as well as a “drop it on our doorstep” service.

The way that it normally works is that people email us their repair request. We then put this request out to our volunteers and anyone close to the customer who is prepared to take it on agrees to do so. They then make contact with the customer and tell them their address. The customer then drops the item on their doorstep and receives an email when it’s fixed. It’s then collected and we invite the customer to make a donation toward the Cafe… That’s all there is to it!!

Nearly 200 repairs

Since lockdown, we have taken on nearly 200 repairs, including a washing machine, Sony CD player, Kenwood Chef, an internet connection, quad bike, TV, Flymo, dehydrator, hoover, pressure washer, sewing machine, clock, printer, floor lamp, a huge teddy bear and much more. It’s pretty much what we usually do, but in a different way.

People have been incredibly generous and we have now taken nearly £2000 in donations which we will be using to fund storage units for our new location (a church) in 2021.

Keep your Repair Cafe in the public eye

The drop off service is easy to administer, keeps your Repair Cafe in the public eye and is very much appreciated by the local community. Try it!

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