Latest news: 10/04/14 - German Minister for Environment praises Repair Café

What do you do with a chair when the leg has come loose? With a toaster that no longer works? Or a woollen jumper with moth holes? Toss it? No way!

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German Minister for Environment praises Repair Café

Barbara Hendricks
Europe must actively promote repair as an alternative to throwing away and buying new goods. That is what the German Federal Minister for Environment, Barbara Hendricks, said on April 7 at the European Forum on Eco-Innovation in Hannover. In her opening speech, the Minister mentioned the Repair Café as an example of what Europe needs in order to achieve a circular economy. Continue reading

Repair Café is hot topic in Germany

The Repair Café is extremely popular in Germany. Repair Cafés can be found in many German towns and cities. At all levels, people are talking about the concept more and more. This spring, Repair Café creator Martine Postma goes to Germany more than once to talk about the Repair Café concept. Continue reading

Already over 400 Repair Cafés worldwide

Afbeelding 2
The number of Repair Cafés continues to grow steadily. In the Netherlands, there are already more than 200 Repair Café groups: four times as much as a year ago. Also in other countries the number has grown to over 200. That means that worldwide, more than 400 Repair Cafés can be found! Continue reading

German partner for Repair Café Netherlands Foundation

Aljazeera reports on Repair Café